I don't do any development on RISC OS anymore. As a result of this, the software below is not supported anymore, but you're free to download it and use it as you wish. If you really want to, feel free to develop it further yourself.

PCFNLib and PNAsm

PCFNLib is my set of library routines which you'll need to assemble any of my ARM assembler programs with. PNAsm is my assembler preparser which you'll also need for these same programs. If you need these for any of the other programs, I'll mention in those programs' description.


This is an application whose main use is in generating flag words for windows, icons and the like in the RISC OS Wimp. There's a simple but reasonably powerful script language for defining sets of flags, so you can easily define your own sets of flags for your own purposes.


This is an attempt at a RISC OS clone of the unix locate command. It makes a rather nice way of cataloging CDROMs.


This is my second attempt at a music CD player application for RISC OS. This release of version 0.03 includes the source code, which is in JFPatch format.

Duet includes its own simple dynamic linking system, and a slider bar (something missing in most CD applications, and which is exceptionally useful).


This is my replacement for the Pinboard, that horrible backdrop program supplied with RISC OS. This one actually has some features, but is unfortunately full of bugs. Ah well.

General Application Kernel (GAK)

I wrote this in order to try to reduce the amount of effort taken in writing Wimp applications for RISC OS. Since RISC OS is now effectively dead, I won't be developing this further (which is a shame, because I was rather looking forward to it). If anyone wants to take it further, fix the bugs and actually do something with it, they're welcome to it. You'll need PCFNLib and PNAsm (above) in order to assemble it.

The purpose of GAK was to provide shared libraries, dynamic linking, shared menus and various other niceities which would be ideal for applications which are suited to splitting into several chunks.